Tips to Make More Money-Survey Sites

For many market research companies, your opinion is valuable. Your opinion counts for the improvement of products and services of everyday life, or to know the expectations in various fields (politics for example). Thanks to the internet, everything becomes easier: in just a few clicks, you take part in surveys in exchange for a remuneration (mainly in cash euros, or in the form of vouchers – just as interesting, because they save money and to have fun). This way of making money is one of our favorites: it is completely legal and particularly rewarding.

Websites offering to answer surveys being legion, you have the embarrassment of the choice. However, there are scams that it is better to avoid not to waste time, or worse, money …

In a more optimistic register, there are effective methods to earn more. So, to enjoy it in the best possible conditions, discover below our 5 tips to follow.

1. Do not pay anything: it’s up to you to win money
This first tip may seem obvious to you, but many people are unfortunately having. If an offer of paid surveys begins to require a financial contribution from you, it’s gone wrong: run away!

Apart from gambling that redistributes bets to winners, this common sense rule applies to all lucrative internet-based solutions: you never have to pay anything, because you are the one who is supposed to win. ‘money. Generally, a catchy home page, full of pretty promises of fortune, tries to persuade you to put your hand in the wallet. Even if the amount requested seems weak, do not be fooled, nothing justifies to pay a subscription, a “starter pack” or simply your registration. Moreover, it is often a sale based on an illicit pyramid system in France (we talked about it in our article on current scams).

Serious paid survey sites have no reason to ask you to pay anything. It’s always them who reward you for sharing your opinion.

2. Multiply the listings
To make more money, do not settle for just one website. Register on multiple sites and multiply your sources of income.

At each registration, you must complete a short questionnaire that defines your profile. The questions asked are generally classic (age, sex, employment, education level, etc.) but sometimes are more advanced (salary, annual amount of your taxes, etc.). Anyway, always take the time to respond well to be guided by the websites to polls that really fit you. As a member of several consumer panels, you increase your chances of being selected to contribute.

As the blog reminds us through its informative page on paid surveys, sometimes it is necessary to be as fast as possible, because the number of respondents is limited. The principle of “first come, first served” is often applied. In this case, just do not delay to confirm his participation.

In addition, it should be noted that, depending on the time of year, the sites offer a variable number of online surveys. By subscribing to many offers, you feel less off-peak periods by taking advantage of all the most profitable periods.

3. Sponsor and it’s won!
Most paid survey sites offer the opportunity to sponsor your loved ones or anyone you convince to join the panel community. There are no better sellers than the members themselves, so it’s a good way to supplement your income. Because in return, you win a reward (money or gifts). This is usually a nice bonus that should not be neglected.

To sponsor, you can do it in many ways. Here are a few :

Send e-mails to your loved ones to introduce them to the service. This is an easy and quick first step. Give preference to those around you who are likely to be interested in this type of remunerative service.
Use social networks by inviting your contacts to participate in surveys. Creating a dedicated Facebook page is a good idea if you want to renew your communication actions from time to time.

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