The easiest way to earn over 30,000 yen a month on Google AdSense -

The easiest way to earn over 30,000 yen a month on Google AdSense

Since some readers of this blog think that they want to operate blogs and want to earn extra income. There are various ways to operate a blog to earn income, but this time it is a way to earn money with Google AdSense (Google AdSense) which is also introduced in this blog and is also a title .

First of all, this “getting income of over 30,000 yen a month” means in other words, among the many people working on the net business, we will be joining the top 5%.

Recently there are lot of people, especially individuals doing net business, affiliate and AdSense words also began to spread along with that.

However, while the population working on the Internet business is increasing, on the other hand, seems to be highlighting the harsh reality that only a few are earning.

For that reason, we focused on basic items directly linked to income rather than sophisticated know-how and knowledge, and decided to explain it as clearly as possible.

Also, since we have omitted the rudimentary things like how to open a blog and how to register an AdSense, we will proceed with a premise assuming that you have acquired a blog + AdSense account.

Perhaps from those who already earn more than 10,000 yen a month from the net, there may be contents that are somewhat unsatisfactory, but those who are about to enter AdSense or those who have hardly incurred AdSense income .

Relationship between PV number and AdSense revenue

How much can you earn with AdSense? However, if you look at the movement of advertising revenue of blogs and sites that manage, the revenue will rise in proportion to the number of PVs in general.

It is a very simple rule that, as more PVs increase as more articles are accumulated, the more clicks on the advertisement increase.

It is a place where AdSense wonders how much PV is needed to earn 30,000 yen a month in AdSense?

Anyway, if people do not gather at blogs we made, the profit will not increase, but from the conclusion it is a theme that you can expect high CPC (CPC) and clickthrough rate (CTR) of your troubles etc. If it is, there will be a fee of about 30,000 yen in about 50,000 PV per month.

However, for example thousand PV / month becomes necessary, so it is said that there is considerable width depending on the theme.

And what you want to notice here is that if AdSense can generate the first income, then the income will increase in proportion to the workload.

Naturally, as long as you earn income of 30,000 yen or more, you will be able to work while maintaining motivation, as compensation will occur for a considerable time.

It is impossible to publish the AdSense report because it is prohibited by the contract, but I will give you a rough idea.

Because the profitability changes with the theme to be handled and the relation of smart pricing, it is not simply this street, but in my case AdSense is sticking to a site which is roughly calculated like this.

If PV increases, it will be possible to expect revenues other than AdSense, so obviously the revenue of blogs and sites themselves will be bigger, and depending on blogs and sites, depending on the ads (advertisement results, net ads) It may be better to switch.

If you set up an inquiry form on your blog, we think that there is a request for advertisement from an advertising agency such as ASP and so it is better to post advertisement considering conditions etc.

Of course, it is also possible to use it in conjunction with AdSense, and tuning blogs to maximize revenue while looking at the situation is also a fun place for blog management.

AdSense has income with one click

This is the strongest merit of AdSense. If someone clicks on the AdSense ad displayed on your blog, it will generate revenue just by that. Clearly it is not such an easy business.

Specifically, compared with other net business, for example, in the case of an affiliate in a position very close to AdSense, it is almost same with the place of “making a blog and attracting customers”.

However, the definitive difference is that in the case of affiliates in that clicks are not generated, no profit will be generated, affiliate fee will be incurred for you only after the item is sold on the sales page at the destination.

So, of course, the difficulty level is higher than AdSense. Next, in the net business, it is said that this quite easy to earn money Auction.
However, this is also inferior to AdSense in terms of earnings. Why is that, in the case of an auction, it will be necessary to perform a series of flows such as purchase of goods, exhibition, successful bid and shipment.

Even without thinking such as difficult SEO etc., if articles that are useful for the reader are properly accumulated, the article becomes property, people will come from the search by the long tail keyword of the past article, the number of repeaters also increases, PV Until to a certain extent it gradually increases though it is little by little.

If that happens, it will not be complete, but it is possible enough to make it semi-unearned income state only to update it about several times a month. It is the same even if you compare it with drop shipping and so on.

If you accumulate valuable articles properly, past articles can become property and semi-unemployed income can be made AdSense is easy to earn anyway, and it is the biggest charm that it is possible to keep earning in the long term.

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