The 4 Essential Ingredients To Make Money With A Blog

The 4 Essential Ingredients To Make Money With A Blog

1- Be passionate or have a real interest in the subject of his blog.

The passion yes but it should better verify that your passion can be monetized. If for example only your grandmother loves your blog, read it and leave comments to encourage you, it will be difficult to make it profitable.

Either of these criteria can be essential to make money with a blog. If you are passionate about the subject of your blog, so much the better. You will have more ease to learn, do research and develop your blog.

On the other hand, if you are not passionate about the subject of your blog, you must have a particular interest for this one. For example, if you want to lose weight and you do not have the motivation to do it alone in your area, you can start a blog to share your journey. Thus, with your interest in weight loss, you will find it easier to find solutions to succeed.

Even if you do not have a direct passion for the subject, you will be motivated to do research to hold your challenge.

Personally, I had no passion for niche sites or even blogging. I did not know anything about his subjects and my true passion is to spend my time doing sports. But, when I discovered the possibilities of making money on the internet; I launched my blog to keep motivation on my course. I just wanted to share what I was learning on the subject and to share it with others.

2- The subject of your blog should arouse great interest in the world.

The more people who are interested in the subject you develop on your blog, the more it is possible to make it profitable. Imagine that you are passionate or have a personal interest in ” sleeping in a tree”. If only 30 people around the world have the same interest as you, it will be difficult for you to have 500 or 1000 visitors on your blog. You cannot hope to make a lot of money with your blog For example you can get the $100 startup. To verify that there is a great interest around the subject of your blog, you can use the keyword research software.

These programs let you know exactly how many people are typing a key phrase on the internet.

For example, you may know if 10,000 people type the phrase “sleeping in a tree” on the internet. They also allow you to check the competition on each expression and therefore whether it is possible to quickly position yourself as an expert or not.

For this step, bloggers who have very little financial means use Google Keyword Planer. This is Google’s keyword planning tool. It is totally free and I also used it in my early days. But those who have a little money invest in paid tools.

3- Have an entrepreneurial vision for his blog.

To make money with a blog, you have to be able to monetize it, and to do it; you must have several solutions. It is not when your blog receives 100, 200 or 500 visitors a day that you will see if it is possible to monetize it.

Before putting your blog online, you need to check if your subject is monetizable. You must list the solutions you have to make money with your blog. If there is none, this can often happen; you can decide to put it online for fun; or to review the subject of your blog.

In short, you must have an entrepreneurial vision for your blog before putting it online. This vision is to check if there are blogs on the same subject that bring money back to their owner. If so, you can list all the solutions that these bloggers use to make their business profitable.

It also involves spending your time searching for multiple sources of revenue for your blog. Here, you only have to visit several affiliate platforms to check if you have products related to the theme of your blog.

4- Practice what you teach on your blog.

Is it not said that well-ordered charity begins with oneself? Your results are what will interest your readers personally. To make money with a blog, it’s important to practice what you teach.

The participatory approach allows you to prove that you know what you are talking about. Your visitors will be much more confident if they know you are sharing your results. They can follow you especially if you talk about your failures.

It is not uncommon to see people who want to help people make money with a blog without having done it themselves. These types of people are often dream sellers who often have mixed results.

The participatory approach requires you to train yourself on the subject of your blog. The different training you will have acquired will give you free expression on your blog. You will be able to talk about a subject without feeling remorse at night in your bed.

With these four ingredients, you can have a blog that:

– Will have good traffic if it is maintained by quality articles;

– Have a loyal readership that will trust you and share your articles;

– Will have multiple sources of monetization to make money.

You can now move on to the next step: monetizing your blog.

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