Six Tips for Making Money with An Affiliate Program -

Six Tips for Making Money with An Affiliate Program

1 – Target your readers
It is particularly for this reason that the affiliation is interesting to make a profitable blog: you can take time to choose the products and services which will be put forward. No, in fact, you must take that time. And you have to offer products that perfectly target your readers. To place any ad without thinking is like trying to fish without bait: no interest.
Affiliation is a contextual advertisement. The targeted choice is therefore the basis of your affiliate strategy, it is your main lever to earn money. So, do not ruin it.

2 – Prefer a remuneration to the action
There are several types of remuneration in an affiliation strategy. My advice to make more money with your blog is to prefer a remuneration to the action, especially to the lead or the click. While this requires more action from the user, so the gains will be fewer, but the amounts of premiums will be much higher.

Finally, your earning potential becomes more interesting because you will not need to generate thousands of visits to your blog to make money. You will simply have to make sure that your readers are particularly interested in the products and services you present.

3 – Prefer non-intrusive advertising
The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčaffiliation, unlike traditional advertising blocks, is that you can prevent it from being intrusive, hindering reading or disfiguring your blog. How? By finding ways to include it in your blog intelligently, integrate it into your content strategy, of course.

For example, if you are doing an article about the top 10 cameras to go on a trip, you can integrate affiliate links to Amazon or other companies with which you are affiliated. The interest is clear: you produce quality content, and you are free to give your opinion on these products because you are not linked with one company more than another. Moreover, in order to maintain the bond of trust between you and your readers, it is always better that you have tested or at least that you know well the products that you put forward as an affiliate.

4 – Vary the offers and affiliate programs
Think like a trader! Seriously, affiliation allows you to implement business strategies as traders do, by adapting to your audience, as we said before, but also by adapting to other contexts and situations.

For example, adapt to the seasonal context. Submit an article and special promotions in November for Christmas or March for Easter. Showcase special products or services in June to prepare for the summer holidays. In short, dare not remain static and be responsive!

5 – Integrate the affiliation with your newsletters
Maybe in parallel with the management of your blog, you also manage a newsletter? So, if possible, dare to adapt your affiliate strategy to integrate affiliate links in this newsletter. In the same way as in your blog, it is always better that it is done intelligently, by privileging the content above all else.
If you take the time to offer targeted products and services to readers of your newsletter, then the feedback could be extremely positive. Think about it!

6 – Be measured, and stay professional
As for everything in life: excess is never recommended! So be measured in your use of affiliation. The greed should not take over the content, your personality, what makes or will make the success of your blog. Avoid rotting each article with affiliation, do it punctually, efficiently and in a targeted way, it will be much more effective. In fact, it’s simple, stay professional, and integrate your affiliate strategy in an intelligent and thoughtful way!

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