Sell your documents to earn money

Among all the great tips on the web to make pocket money, or win gifts, do you know that you can find sites that buy your documents to make them available to other users?

It can be all sorts of documents, such as courses, presentations, memoirs if you are a student, or research that you have done if you are a teacher, as well as methodologies and tutorials for anything and everything . In fact, any document that might interest other users can earn you money.

How it works ?
It is very simple to sell your documents on the Internet. Several sites offer you to buy them back with different kinds of payments, be it a direct payment of money following the deposit of the document or a perceived benefit each time a sale takes place. In both cases, the possibility of rounding off the end of the month is very real. If the document becomes very popular and sought after, the potential gains are significant.

There is no magic formula for writing and designing documents that can be very successful. However, it is better to focus on themes that you master, to provide advice or reflections really useful to other users. Also, if you want to reach as many people as possible, select universes that can talk to everyone!

Attention, certain rules must be respected
Above all, your texts must absolutely respect the intellectual property. There is no question of plagiarizing a book, a website, or mixing various pages that you could see on the web. The same is true for students’ courses: when they have been written directly by the teacher, they are protected by intellectual property rights. You can not receive money with this type of content. On the other hand, if you take a class or conference and take notes, you can resell them without any problem on the Internet. However, it is advisable to ask the permission of the teacher or the lecturer (for reasons of courtesy).

Naturally, your texts must be typed on computer in full respect of all the rules of syntax, grammar and spelling. Keep in mind that Internet users will buy these texts: since they pay, they have the right to demand quality documents, legible, pleasant to browse and reliable.

For example, the Academon and Capmemo sites offer to redeem your documents.

Sell ​​your courses at the university: an art!
On the financial level, student life is not always easy. Thus, the possibility of selling his written courses on the Internet tempts many young people, especially when they do not have the time to hold a job in parallel with their university studies. In these conditions, a few tens of euros honestly earned give the opportunity to have fun … or simply to make ends meet at the end of the month!

If you want to start on platforms like Academon and sell your courses, you must follow certain rules: your notes must be taken as faithfully as possible in the course, you must take care to spell all the words – including the proper names – and you also take the time to correctly present the content.

The clearer and more useful your lessons are, the more they will be sought after. In addition, if you have already managed to prove yourself with your ability to summarize, you can fully consider selling your review sheets, which could be a great help for your classmates on the eve of exams.

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