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Just like us, you are probably a fan of shopping in stores or on the internet, and you like to save money or enjoy good deals. In real shops, savings are often limited to price reductions, sales or loyalty cards. On the web, it is possible to save on all purchases, and even earn money through cashback.

Different cashback sites exist and they all work on the same model. You go to the partner shops of these sites, then you put your articles in your virtual basket and at the time of the checkout, you indicate your cashback site ID. You will earn a few euros in cash thanks to your order. And the more you order, the more money you make. The amount donated is a percentage of the amount committed to the partner site. Cumulative cashback can be great money over time.

Cashback sites are beneficial for stores that build customer loyalty, as well as for customers who find a good way to see themselves return some of the money spent on shopping.

Cashback in practice

Cashback is not really a method to earn money on the internet, since it is still a matter of making purchases and, therefore, of spending more or less significant amounts. However, since a portion of the cost of the product is refunded to you, you have the opportunity to make significant savings by using this process regularly.

On average, you get a refund whose rate varies between 1 and 5%. However, you should know that this percentage is not fixed, changes from one product to another and changes according to the promotions. Sometimes, to make money easily, it is advisable to wait a little: knowing the cashback market and a particular product better, you know when the repayment operation is really valid.

How is the consumer paid?
When choosing your favorite cashback platforms, consider looking at how they work in detail. Indeed, if the principle is always the same, the repayments are not always presented in the same form. If you are really wondering how to make money, prefer cashback that works by check or bank transfer: you get a sum of money credited to your bank account without having to make another purchase.

But if you are a fan of good deals and savings of all kinds, you can indulge in cashback sites offering promotional codes, vouchers or offering the possibility of winning gifts on the internet. It’s up to you to make your choices according to your priorities!

A few tips
Like any good plan on the web, cashback needs to be understood and well known to work. Whatever item you want to buy, it is almost certain that many stores are selling it.

The reflex to have when you have a purchase to make is to go around these shops, and cashback offers, to determine the solution that gives you the best opportunity once the cashback calculated. Indeed, some stores offer low prices on the desired product, but a lower payback rate, while others do the opposite. It is therefore useful to calculate the true price paid after the refund: it is the only effective method to really save with cashback.

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