Make Money By Writing A Blog

Make Money By Writing A Blog

I want to make good news that it’s possible to make money from blogs without ever cheating. Yeah! you can also provide a serious income by writing a blog. But how? How can I make money by writing a blog? I will give you the answer to all of these questions without using technical terms to confuse you. In this article, I aim to have a blog where an author with a zero knowledge of HTML, CSS lesson can make money.

Good news! I do not know web design or graphic design either. If I do not know the side of you that will be heralded; There are many internet business for sale to earn money. I am making money from my blog. Do not worry if you are not interested in web design. You do not have to do research on this subject. You do not need an extraordinary design with very different visuals to make money from the blog. On the contrary, a simple design will give you more visitors and more money.

If you are not already a blog owner, read the green paragraph below. If you have a block already, skip the green paragraph to earn money immediately.

Do not be afraid if you want a blog that has a special domain name, a WordPress-based, professional look. It’s simple!  Where do I start and how do I become Blogger? maybe you have not been able to open your block for months, perhaps because of such questions? Surely, if you knew the sequence of operations, you How to Open a Blog

Now you have Blog Page. Let’s Make Money

Step 1

Specify a specific topic for your blog. You cannot steal a blog every time. With the slogan “Everything about life”, hundreds of blogs are trash. If your blog has a topic, there will also be a visitor. If there is a visitor, he does not deserve money. That’s why you can always write a topic. Generally speaking, methods and information to provide personal financial income. If you like cars, write a blog about cars. Topics can be reproduced indefinitely. Photography, travel, fashion, health, education, social media, personal development, economy, career etc. Choose the topic you know best and always share articles about the topic you choose.

Step 2

Make your blog an identity. What about the identity? So, design your own logo. Logo is not a difficult process as you would like to design and you can easily do it yourself. My recommendation:  Use the Logaster . Logaster is an online service for creating logos and corporate identity elements, and you can easily create professional logos in minutes. Logo creation does not require any technical skill. Simply enter the name of your blog site or your brand and select the topic (or business type); Logaster will also offer different logo options. With this service, you can download a small-sized logo that is FREE for your website or blog. Definitely see your business.

Step 3

Write three or four articles. The articles you write aim to make the reader profitable. For example, I am talking about a method that can make you money in this article. You should also create a few good articles on how to get good photographs, which car should be preferred, whatever the topic of interest to you, like prasan for healthy life. Of course, I say three or four articles at the beginning. After our foundation, our main job is just to write articles. Even writing an article a day, two or three articles a week can give you a serious income. Do not hurry. This is a process. Sometimes you start to win in 2 months and sometimes in 12 months. If you open a blog in the hope that you will earn good money from now on, you will probably be fooled by all your disappointment. So, you have to be a little patient in the earnings section.

When writing, including your first article, be aware of some important points:

How to write a satisfying article? Do research on. I will create an article for you on this subject.

Every article must have at least one visual. The photo you add to your photo will increase the interest of the visual content reader. At the same time, you will gain visitors by taking part in google visual searches.

The article you wrote is useful to the reader. “I do not know this too, I want to teach you that too” in the mind. Because the hike will never be interested in you but at all. If you are reading this article to get the information you are looking for, remember that all other internet users read the article in the same logic.

The articles you write must be original. If you copy and paste from other sites, your uncle google takes your ear and he takes the last page when he calls you. Google has an algorithm that can detect this. Duplicate Content (copy content) Do not doubt that. The most beautiful items you write are those that will get rid of the fear of being stolen. Let it go. People who copy and paste your article are going backwards in their search results. This also allows you to settle in the front page.

Remember to separate long pieces into pieces. Paragraphs, intermediate titles, materials etc. make your essay more fluid.

Step 4

Now you have a simple design, a non-confusing block. Moreover, there is a log of his own. We have come to social platforms. Create your Facebook page, twitter page and google plus page right away. If there are other social platforms that you like, make a page there too. You do not have to share something until the morning in the pages you create. It will be enough to share the title and address of the articles you publish over time.

Step 5

Add share buttons under your articles. Sharing on social media gives you high visitors. Today, 90% of large firms are behind social media support. Each brand has a Facebook, twitter etc. social sharing platform page. It must be yours too. It is important that the texts you write can be shared on social media.

Step 6

Subscribe to a service that you can create an email subscriber list like Feed burner. When your visitors share your email address, the new articles you write go to them as a notification. You can use this email list for different promotions in the future. The sensitive spot in this area is often sending an email that will not disturb visitors. Send an email once or twice a week. I usually send an email once a week or once every two weeks. For this reason, no visitor will regret sharing your email address. On the contrary, I am interested in my new article and visit again.

Step 7

As a member of Boomerang, you will evaluate the bids given to you and earn money from promotions you share in your block. However, you will be able to share content in Yazarkafe. Sign up for AuthorKafe. Hürriyet’s yazarkafe service is a successful platform that collects all the blogs. Some users like myself look at the articles in the category they are interested in instead of browsing individual blogs, click on the heading they are interested in and go to the blog that owns the article. Send the articles you wrote to Yazarkafe. In this way, me and other summer visitors will find you easier. Your writings are more read. How many visitors are sincerely; it is very profitable in the course of progress.

Step 8

You are in a certain layout and you have written more than ten articles. Now go to the google AdSense account. Google’s click-to-block ad service. Moreover, ads that are relevant to the topics you have written completely are displayed. You do not have to do anything extra for this. Google will auto-show ads after you integrate the Google AdSense code into the places where you want your blog to appear. Depending on the visitor’s interests, you’ll see different ads based on your blog post. Keep an eye on increasing AdSense revenue each month after you reach a certain number of visitors per day. You will earn 0.30 cents per click. Do not underestimate. Because the current block is the most powerful income source google AdSense ads.

Listen to Google’s recommendations when placing ads on AdSense. Do not scrape the page. Visitor should not feel himself / herself in the business because the first priority is to provide benefits. In that case, your google AdSense will not approve your business association.

Step 9

Allow your comments to be commented. If you have a simple comment panel, you’ll get more comments. Each comment made to a particular article means that your page has been updated and is re-indexed by google. At the same time, each comment gives additional information to your article, which can be displayed in Google searches by simply identifying a word in the comment. In short, every comment follows new visitors.

Step 10

The last step is to wait. Wait for the offer. Wait for the visitor. Wait, click on the ads. If you can create a quality blog, wait for someone to notice you.

Do not forget to add “About” and “Contact” pages to your blog. It will be people / institutions who want to know you and want to contact you. If you want to evaluate future business partnership proposals, you need the “About” and “Contact” page.

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