Make Money By Logging In - Banner Ads

Make Money By Logging In – Banner Ads

Banner is the term for permanent and permanent ads on every website, blog or forum site. You can often find examples of this. As each firm applies this method to promote itself in digital environment, it is also possible to earn revenue as a result of contacting the companies that will be asking for advertisements on the banner fields you specify on your blog site. And there are many websites for sale for your blog site. If you’re interested in choosing banner ads to suit your site and not banner-intensive banner ads, you can earn a high monthly income without disturbing your persistent followers. By setting an area on your own blog site and getting monthly earnings without hiring more than that area, it will mean permanent revenue.

Do not forget that being hungry will cause permanent damage to your site. I need to pay attention to banner ads to earn money by writing a blog. Because advertising networks like AdSense do not allow you to use other advertising networks, banner ads will be a nice addition for you.

Make Money by Blogging – Publicity Writing

In general, promotional materials used by newly opened sites or by companies that will introduce a new product are blogs or websites that have high daily hits, with advertisements. Promotional texts, a product of backlink work that everybody uses in their SEO work, is a different way of generating revenue. People who say that they can write promotional material on many forums, even people who publish the topic, publish 2-3 promotional articles per day.

But here’s the point that you need to be aware of: The introductory texts are relevant to your site content. If possible, write your promotional letters yourself and give the company a suitable dime within the advertisement. In this way, you can get an additional fee for your site from each promotional post.

Advertisers will find you if you succeed in opening a quality blog (with the right content and lots of visitors), while the prices can be as high as 100-200 TL per promotional letter, while winning promotional texts in the forums will earn you like 15-20 TL.

Your blog will sell from your site and you will get commission Ads

Most understandably; Affiliate Marketing, a sales partnership, is a fee-per-action system with affiliate advertisements or banners that you place on your site, receive members through your site, make a sale, or fill out a survey.

Together with these advertisements; For example, when you fill out the questionnaire by clicking on the blogs of the companies that will come to you for a survey, you can earn a fee of 2 TL for each questionnaire. If you think that 100 questionnaires are filled, you can earn 300 TL.

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