Is It Really Possible To Earn Money By Writing Good Blogs? Or Is It As Easy As It Looks?

First of all, I should say that opening a blog to new entrants or entrants will not save money on their own. If you think that money will come from somewhere as soon as you open your blog, you are mistaken. Opening a blog is not enough to make money, you have to produce regular content for your blog, make promotional work, and spend time developing it.

Now you will have a few responsibilities: Are you hardworking? Are you disciplined? Are you tenacious? Is you patient? Do you like to read and write? If you answer yes to these questions, I say clearly and you can make money by writing a blog!

Unlike usual, I would like to convey my personal experiences instead of promoting ways to earn money by blogging.

  1. Google AdSense Ads

The first and simplest way for blog authors to monetize is AdSense ads , a PPC model . Before doing google adsense you have to know What is adsense.? Though it’s a bit of a rough approval process, if you succeed in becoming an AdSense publisher, you’ll start earning money from where you live. What you need to do is add your AdSense ads to your blog and wait for them to click on those ads.

I also occasionally optimize AdSense ads, increasing my earnings. I can earn about 80-90 TL per month when I place AdSense ads properly, which gives an average of TL 0.30 per click.

Because AdSense charges per click advertising and blog changes to blog content, your earnings may vary depending on the content of your blog, the ads shown, and the visitor’s interest. What you are doing is increasing your organic traffic, which is the number of visitors coming from Google, by producing plenty of useful content.

  1. Banner Ads

It can also be a profitable way to place banners in different sizes in certain parts of your blog. You can increase your earnings based on the numeric value of your blog’s popularity.

Banner areas are usually full so you have to turn down the bids that come in for you. Because the blog may lose more than it gives the banner to strangulation. Banner ads earn around $ 200 per month.

Banner ads should be placed cheaply to get the first ads from high sectors in the recommendation rekabeeti for those who want to make money from their blog. Because in the coming days, a large number of advertisements will come from other sites in the sector that make competing annals.

  1. Advertorial Content Advertorial content

known as promotional postings on the internet, is a method that is often preferred by SEOs who want to do backlinking work and those who want to advertise their site with a wider audience.

I am very selective about advertorial content. If I can translate the topic of a site that is interested in advertorial content into blog writing and transform it into something that will benefit the reader. In this way, the yield from advertising is also increasing. I do not accept 90% of the advertorial content ad offers, but I publish almost every week. The amount I earned per article is 40 TL.

I want to give a little hint to those who want to make money by publishing their advertorial content. You create the content you will publish and type in the type that will surely attract your readers. Let’s say you have a blog about education or the economy. Publishing an introductory article about electronic cigarettes for high wages alone is like cursing the reader.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate known as affiliate marketing ‘or members would receive a commission per sale you make. After you sign up for an Affiliate program, you will receive an affiliate linking and banner that you will be able to give to you in your blog and receive a certain face from sales or memberships through that link / banner.

Affiliate marketing is a method that requires a lot of work and time so far, I have not preferred much at Blog. Only 1 affiliate program participated in the program, which gave me 5 TL per membership, the system earned about 200 TL, I earned about a thousand members. I can try again if I meet a program that is relevant to the concept of the blog, the reader.

Affiliate marketing is difficult but a very profitable method in the long run. Particularly in foreign affiliate networks such as Click Bank, there are very lucrative products and programs offering commissions as high as 50-60%.

  1. Article Managers

Blog authors gradually develop themselves to create content for the web. This is a new opportunity for profit. Because there are hundreds of individuals or firms on the internet who do not have the time or ability to write articles and they want to work with qualified writers.

I also received various articles and content from Blog. I evaluated a few of the bullets. In the case of the campaign, If you are not a student or an unemployed person who spends the whole day at the computer, article writing is not very profitable. Because they pay very low. But do not miss it if you meet some bonus projects like me. Is it as pleasant as making money by doing what you like, ie typing :)?

  1. Solution Partnership

You can sign blogs with various companies or brands by writing a blog. In recent years, this issue was a major development in Turkey. The only thing you need to do is to create effective content that is remarkable in your blog post.

I have also received several offers from some SEO, SEM and digital marketing agencies about working together. I also became a solution partner for “blogger outreaching” by valuing some of them. What I did was establish links between bloggers and agencies. They paid a certain commission on their face.

You can make similar solution partnerships. For example, you can be a writer on various brands blogs by mentioning your fashion blog with your name.

  1. Promotional Products

There is no direct money making here. The companies that want to sponsor the lotteries you make on your blog will send certain products to you or to the people you choose.

Until today, I sponsored many lotteries on Blog and gave readers thousands of prizes. Among the gifts were single stone diamond rings, signed books, tablet computers, mouse’s, puzzles, mp3 players, wristwatches, toys and other products that would not be underestimated.

Particularly women’s make-up, cosmetics, fashion Gigi publications on blogs, the interest of brands is great. As a blogger who writes you, you can communicate sincerely with the reader and you can succeed in getting reactions to your writings, you can squeeze the cargoll that plays your paper 🙂

8.My Other Methods I Have Not Tried The methods of

Making money by writing a blog are not limited to these. There are other ways I have not tried. In short, I want to talk about these.

– Link sales: You can receive money for publishing backlinks in the footer or sidebar for a certain period of time.

– Product sales: You can sell your own products or services from your blog. Second-hand clothes, designs you make, an e-book you wrote etc.

– Blog management: You can enter content in blogs from scratch for a certain period of time and sell them after you bring them to a good place.

– Link abbreviation: Some link abbreviation services charge you per click for links you have shortened. You can earn money by using links from various places in your blog.

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