How To Win Money With A Blog

How To Win Money With A Blog

A little over a year ago I started with my blog, and every day I am happier with the decision I made at that time. I am a very curious person and every day I learn new things and I love receiving messages from many people who want to learn more and ask me.

I remember that at first nobody knew my blog and when I had the first visits I would jump like crazy for joy. And then I saw that my fans on social networks (especially on Facebook) also increased, this gave me a rush, and I’m still filled with joy to see new fans on my page.

If you have a blog, or are starting one, I’m sure you understand me perfectly

But let’s go to what I wanted to tell you, that I roll up like a blind.

After all this time with my blog, I still had not talked about how to make money with a blog. It was time, right? Also, more and more people are asking me how I do it. So today I want to show you some methods with which you can start monetizing your blog.

Put advertisements

This is one of the most common methods to make money with a blog, and without a doubt the best known and most used platform is Google AdSense.

Google through AdWords and AdSense connects companies that want to advertise (a company, another website, a clothing brand, etc.) and the media where they can do it (the website of a television network, a digital newspaper, your blog, etc.).

To put ads in your blog, you must have a space reserved for advertising. In this space, a code is inserted that will be in charge of spreading an announcement according to the reader’s tastes, his last visits and the blog’s theme.

Did not you realize that after visiting a flight comparator, in the following pages that you browse, do you see ads from travel agencies or car rental companies? That’s because Google knows that you just visited that comparator and adapts the ads to your interests. This is what you will try to do by posting Google ads on your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Another common method with which you can monetize your blog is affiliate marketing, that is, promoting a product or service and each time a reader enters the web (using the link that you have given) and makes an action, you receive a commission.

To make this promotion in addition to using advertising banners, you can also place text links in your articles, without invading the appearance of your blog. By using blog you get an idea how to make 1000 dollars in a day. You can also use the text links in your emails if you have a newsletter (but without becoming spam).

Another advantage of affiliate marketing is that you choose what you want to promote, unlike Google AdSense, which is an algorithm that decides what you will promote on your blog.

Then, with affiliate marketing you can earn money in different ways:

Per click As in Google AdSense, although it is not very common since this type of marketing is based on the remuneration for results.

For sale. You will receive a percentage of a sale, for example is the case of Amazon or other affiliate platforms such as Affilinet or Zanox.

Per share If after clicking on your link, the user performs a special action, for example sign up for a newsletter.

You can choose (and try) the most convenient way for your theme and for your readers.

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