Being an affiliate is nothing more than becoming a digital marketer for a company.
In the offline market, a seller is hired to sell, earns a fixed and a commission. In the virtual market, you earn commission when you sell, but it can be when someone clicks or some other action is taken. And how is this done?

Some companies open the possibility of affiliation. You as a digital producer or publisher subscribe to your programs and begin to recommend your audience to your products. In many of them you fill out a questionnaire, they evaluate your Blog and they authorize you or not to be an affiliate. In others the bureaucracy is less.

Once you are accepted, they provide you with custom links for you to use on your Blog and social media. Many offer sales materials like banners, videos, e-mail sequences already ready to adapt and send, etc.

Once you make the sale through a link to them, they will notify you and then send you the commission to which you are entitled. Although it seems that just get the link, toss around and wait for the money to come, not quite.

You need to associate with companies that have to do with your niche. If you talk about maternity, it is legal to point out companies that provide products and services for infants and children. If you talk about vegetarian diet, you can indicate food companies linked to vegetarian food. Anyway, you got it, right? Associate with what has to do with your Blog.

Another important thing is just recommending reputable companies. I particularly like to recommend what I use or have already used. In this Blog there are several recommendations for books to read, web site hosting and even the course to delve into the affiliate market that I did and indicate that is the course of Anderson Chipak.

Strengths: You are only recommending other products and services, which as stated above, should be of quality. But in this mode, you do not have to create the product, make a sales land page, deliver that product, manage deliveries and complaints. It is a good alternative for those who are starting.

Some companies and interesting places to be an affiliate:
• Amazon – Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. You can be affiliated with them and post on your Blog some of their thousands of digital or physical products: books, e-books or Kindles.

• Hotmart – platform with thousands of digital products. You can be affiliate of some product or be a producer. For both cases you need to register. To be affiliated, you need to go to “market”, get the segment that interests you, evaluate the products and ask for an association that you are interested in. Recently they have opened a free course for you to learn more about the affiliate market.

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