How to make money with a blog complete guide for bloggers -

How To Make Money With A Blog – Complete Guide For Bloggers!

The new technologies open space for new creators to be the next influencers of the digital era . Take the example of YouTube users, Instagramers and bloggers who make their hobbies a profession.

The blog is an essential part of a well-defined Inbound Marketing strategy. Instead of going to the consumer brand with invasive ads, begins to produce quality content that adds real value, with a view to the consumer approaching the brand. That strategy, known as content marketing, generates more commitment and conversions.

We must remember, however, that from the moment you decide to obtain economic benefits from your hobby, you become an entrepreneur. And the fact of managing a business requires a lot of work. Sometimes, even more than a traditional job. Without further ado, in this post we will talk about the world of bloggers, how to start yours and how to make money with a blog. Let’s see!

What is Content Marketing?
Making content marketing means offering valuable and complete content to attract and win a relevant audience for a certain business.

7 advantages of working with a blog
Each undertaking has its particularities and advantages. With blogs it would not be different, that’s why we made a list of the main advantages of creating a blog:
• Be able to manage your own business
• Flexible schedule to work in the best possible way
• Have more time to be with the family.
• Opportunity to work with the topics that you like
• Possibility of extending profits over time
• Be a reference in a certain niche
• Work from home or wherever appropriate

What does a blog need to be successful?
There are many elements that can allow a blog to generate revenue, but some common aspects are present in the great blogs of success.

Specific niche and segmented
If you’re going to start a blog from scratch, segmenting the topic you’re going to discuss is the first step. In that sense, it is interesting to deal with specific issues, about which few people talk on the Internet.

Defined avatars
All your strategies should aim to attract traffic (visitors) to then take your audience to perform some action. But, in addition to that, it is necessary that these visitors are the right people for your business.
It is too idealistic and superficial to think that your audience can be “the whole world”. Although the content is interesting and interesting to everyone, you need to define who your target audience is and, even more, your avatar.

Valuable contents
Your content must be useful and unique to your visitors. It does not matter what strategy you will use to make money with a blog: your page will serve as a source of information for all who visit it. And, of course, your texts must be related to your niche and your avatar.

All these elements are fundamental to generate authority. After you get positioned as a reference in your niche, the traffic of your page naturally begins to increase and you can use strategies that will generate income.

Ideas to make money with a blog
Currently there are several ways to make money with a blog and, probably in the future, there will be other ways that we do not even dream of. Take a look at how you can earn income by being a blogger.

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