How To Make Money With A Blog

How To Make Money With A Blog

#1 Through Ads

Offer ad space is one of the most popular ways that many bloggers use to monetize their blogs. This is one of the easiest ways to make money with a blog because it does not require much effort on your part, especially if using AdSense ads.

As I said before we need to ensure that your blog has a big audience for power earn money. Ads like AdSense or even paid advertisements rely heavily on the volume of traffic your blog gets.

AdSense is the easiest way to monetize your blog, simply just signing up to enter this type of ads and expect it to be approved. It is important to mention that to make money with AdSense there are other factors to consider besides the volume of traffic it receives.

Factors such as the niche in which you are operating much determine how much Google will pay you for the insertion of ads on your blog.

AdSense is a form of ads you get paid every time someone clicks on the ads. Payment depends on several factors such as the niche in which you are operating, the volume of traffic it receives, as well as Google pay decir. Some niches pay well and others do not.

Considering the ease of monetization with this model is something you can experience.

In the case of paid ads, you can offer advertisers space on your blog and charge for it. This is the model used by newspapers and magazines. Contrary to AdSense, this model is you who decides how much to charge for companies to advertise on your blog.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a model in which you are paid to promote products created by third parties. But it is important to note that you cannot promote any product on your blog. The product is to promote should be on the same line with the blog content.

If you have a blog about cooking does not make sense to promote a product on finance. The product can be good but it is not related to the topic of your blog. It is important to consider what your readers want when they get to blog. Without having a website you cannot bring your readers to read your blog so you have to buy a website.

Only promote products related to your topic, but also consider the fact that you also use the product. It is important to recommend products in a genuine way and not just as a strategy to make money. Because if you recommend a bad product to your readers that will influence negatively on your image.

It is important to maintain its credibility and consideration they have for themselves. Respect this and you will always earn the respect of your readers. Is the source of information they need so much when they come to your blog?

It is also crucial to know promote affiliate products strategically without having to force readers to buy. Insert affiliate links in your articles as a natural part of the content you are providing. And not bother with his eagerness to want to win several pennies with links everywhere.

#3 Create An eBook

Create an eBook and sell to your readers is a way to monetizer your blog and thus earn money online. An eBook is advantageous because it is relatively simple to create. It can be a compilation of various articles from your blog with any additional information.

If you already have several articles published on your blog, then it’s just a matter of compiling these articles and make them an eBook. An eBook is a digital book that has several formats, but you can start by creating a PDF. Just do something professional.

#4 Create Online Courses

Create online courses It is a way to make money from a very profitable blog. Of course, you do not need a blog to create an online course. But it is always advantageous, because you will need an audience to be able to sell your course.

It is easy to create online courses to their audience especially when it is about something related to what they seek.

The best way to create an online course is meeting the needs of its readers and teach about the topic or problem they are facing. With tools such with Lifter LMS it becomes extremely easy to create their courses using the WordPress platform.

#5 Digital products

Create digital products is the most popular form of make money online. You can create various types of digital products and offer them to your audience at a certain price. The most popular digital products contained eBooks, Video classes, MP3, Graphics, Plugins, WordPress themes, and even software.

You can choose the type of digital products that are most comfortable in creating and what’s best for your audience. The important thing is to create something of value that go to help your readers to solve a problem. Look at their products as solutions to problems.

#6 Member Site Creation

Create membership sites It is one of the most profitable ways to make money online. Through your blog you can promote your website members and talk of the content offering. member sites are the most profitable platforms because it ensures that you have a sustainable income.

Of course, there are several models of member sites, and depending on the model is to choose that is what will determine how much money you will make. But also, the type and quality of content or products is to offer will also be a determining factor in its profitability.

#7 offering services

If you work in any particular service area, you can monetize your blog by offering these services. Your blog is a good digital marketing tool to attract customers for the types of services you offer.

And if you are not offering any service to your visitors then you are losing a great opportunity to make money with your blog. Start thinking about the kind of services that usually your customers ask you and offer them through the blog.

If you have web design knowledge, graphic design, WordPress, Blogs Creation, language teaching, accounting, Translation languages, programming, making cakes, written, e outros. You can offer these services through your blog.

By doing this you will be leveraging the needs of your audience and them solving their problems through their services.

#8 Promoting Your Business

If you have an off-line business one of the best ways to promote it through an internet presence. And the best way to do this is by creating a blog. If it did not you better start creating your blog and start promoting your business through it.

With the large increase in adherence to the internet and mostly reading blogs to search for information. Make use of blogs as a digital marketing tool is a strategic decision that you should take. If they have not already done so start now by creating your blog.

Creating a blog is not hard, all you need is to register a domain and get hosting. Then just install WordPress on your server and install a theme and plugins. This process can be done in less than a day. It is a process that does not take long and you need not be technically inclined to do so.

#9 Event Promotion

The other way to make money with your blog is by creating events. These events can be online or in-person. Events such as webinars, teleconferences, workshops, seminars and even training is one way in which you make money.

All you have to do is to use your blog as a platform to promote their events and start ringing.

#10 Through Your Email List

The money is in the list. This is an old mantra in the digital marketing area. And if you want to take this thing to make money online seriously, it is important that you have an email list. Otherwise you’ll be wasting your time. With a list of possibilities to earn money online multiply.

So, you must take this issue seriously. With an email list you can promote and recommend products and services and earn some money through it.

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