How To Make Money Easily With A Blog?

How To Make Money Easily With A Blog?

The solutions I propose under this heading will easily bring back money if you have a site. But they take time to be profitable: the time to have a large and regular traffic.

– Click advertising or CPC

CPC is the acronym for cost per click. You are paid when the visitor clicks on an advertisement posted on your site. The remuneration goes from a few cents to one or two euros per click sometimes more, but it is rare. This is a monetization solution offered by Google AdSense to broadcast the advertising of its advertisers.

You can easily recognize the absence advertisements on the websites you visit. These are framed as you can see on this picture taken from my travel blog Au Benin. To monetize your blog with CPC advertising, you can sign up for Google AdSense.

It’s free and the only commitment you have to respect is not to click yourself on your ads. Google’s robots know everything and can trace the source of your clicks. If you take the nasty pleasure of clicking on your ads, your AdSense account will be banned for life.

CPC is one of the easiest ways to make money with a blog. Its implementation is done in a few minutes. Just the time to register and be validated by Google AdSense.

It’s not just Google that offers this blog monetization solution. The Daisycon Affiliate Platform also offers this monetization solution. So, you can try the adventure with her to monetize your blog and make money.

– Monetization at the CPA.

CPA is what is usually called cost per action. It’s a new way to sell by affiliation. CPA makes money fast on the internet. The user has nothing to spend. Since he will not spend money, it is easier for him to register. It is used by entrepreneurs who need more prospect to sell. They pay you so that you send them prospects (Internet users). They do not need to buy the product for you to earn the money. You will simply be paid to get users to give their email address or phone number; or fill out a quote request form. As you can see, making money with a blog by making CPA is very easy.

Want to know more, discover how to do CPA.

CPA offers are available in all markets. Remember: I spoke earlier of the governed advertising Daisycon . What I did not tell you is that it also offers solutions offers CPA. For someone who wants to make money with a blog, registration is free. The platform offers hundreds of CPA offers. The only condition on this platform is that you must be a European resident.

– Make money with a blog by publishing articles

If you usually post articles for the sake of developing your blog, it is also possible to do so to make money. Selling articles is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your blog profitable. It makes money easy and fast with a blog when it is well developed. For a published article, you can earn between 30 and 200 €. To get more by using your blogs, you should calculate your website value. It all depends on the authority of your blog, its seniority and your regularity to publish articles.

Generally, it is the advertisers who contact you when they discover your blog on search engines. This is the reason why you have to think about putting a contact page on your site.

By doing research, you can also find platforms that connect bloggers and advertisers. On these types of platforms, you will only have to register your blog and as soon as they have a client for you, they send you an email.

– Make money easily with paid links

As in the case of paid articles, you can receive a fee to put a link on your blog. This monetization solution is the one I love most because it allows you to receive recurring payments.

Once the contract is accepted, you will receive a monthly payment. For this type of monetization, you can earn between 10 and more than 50 € per month with your blog. Here too, your compensation depends on the authority of your site and the traffic you have. The bigger your blog is in a big search engine market, the higher the payout.

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