How To Make A Lot Of Money With A Blog

Making money with a blog is good but it would be better to make a lot of money. To get there, here are some strategies you can put in place:

– Combine the easy solutions listed above.

As we say, small streams make big rivers, do not they? This popular adage does not deviate from the profitability of a blog. By combining CPC, CPA, AdSense advertising, articles and paid links, your blog will be more profitable. It will allow you to make a lot of money, in any case more than if you use only one of the solutions.

If you need 2000 dollars fast, then create blogs and earn more money. That’s why I told you earlier that it would be beneficial to consider several monetization solutions before making a blog.

– Make the affiliation by selling the products of others.

Selling other people’s products is a nice monetization solution for making money with a blog: It’s called affiliate marketing.

Indeed, on the internet, there are several marketplaces that offer commissions to publishers of sites / blogs. Publishers sign up for free, get their affiliations links and post them on their websites. As soon as a sale comes from their links, they are notified by partner sites.

These marketplaces are usually called affiliate platforms. They connect sellers (who offer products for sale) and affiliates (who promote products).

There are three types of affiliate platforms: those that offer physical products, those that offer digital products and those that offer health products.

– The platforms for the sale of physical products:

On this type of platform, you can buy products of everyday life. For example, you can buy rice cookers, coffee machines, etc. The best known of these platforms is the Amazon Partner site. It is proposed by the giant Amazon which sells several million products in the world.

The only problem in selling physical products by affiliation is that commissions are low. For example, on Amazon, commissions are between 3% and 12% of the selling price of products.

Finally, to make a lot of money with this type of platform, you have to sell several hundred products. Which is not impossible if your blog is profitable and you have several thousand visits a month.

– Digital product platforms.

The sale of digital products is one of the most profitable markets. Since production costs are limited to the duration of product creation, sellers offer good commissions to affiliates. For example, you can find products on which commissions range from 30% to 70% of their selling price. With this type of commission per sale, affiliates can earn a lot of money with a blog.

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