Four Techniques To Make Money On The Internet With A Blog Without Ads -

Four Techniques To Make Money On The Internet With A Blog Without Ads

You’re going to say that putting AdSense ads on your blog is great because it’s convenient, easy to do and it makes money without moving a finger. It’s not wrong, but it’s not as rosy as that and it brings in peanuts. Why? Here are 3 relevant reasons:

Advertising must be well placed to be visible, so it pollutes the visual space of your blog, and at the same time its graphic identity.

Advertising will usually be dynamic. Clearly, she will move. This will distract the reader from your articles or worse, exasperate him and make him leave if there are too many ads.

To make money, it is important that visitors click on the ads. But as few visitors click, it takes a lot, a lot of visits for it to make a big difference. In other words, it will not be for tomorrow.

But luckily, you can make money on the internet with your blog without ads! Maybe it will only be a few dozen euros to start, but believe it, it will still be (well) more than advertising, and the growth potential is much higher.

1- Make money on the Internet by selling your own products
This is something that is becoming more and more widespread, and for good reason, it’s one of the most effective techniques for making money with your blog. You certainly think about eBooks, and you’re right! It is a way of doing that certainly requires a serious job and sometimes long enough upstream, but once put on sale, you will make money on your blog passively.

2- A blog without ads but with affiliation
The principle of affiliation is about the same as in the previous point, except that instead of selling your own products, you sell those of others, and you earn commissions!

You’ve probably heard about affiliate programs like Amazon’s, which is widely used by bloggers who want to make money on the internet passively. This is indeed an interesting program because the range of products sold on Amazon is huge.

3- A blog without ads but with sponsored articles
Obviously, it is not advisable to abuse it because even if you want to make money with your blog, you do not want it to become a collection of sponsored articles (which is not good for your readers, nor for your reputation). However, even if it is reasonable, you could still generate a small income with this type of work.

4- Earn free products and benefits with his blog
In addition to making money with their blogs, many fashion bloggers are invited to cocktails and offer clothes. Bloggers in the field of travel are invited to hotels or festivals around the world. Bloggers geeks are even send smartphones or tablets in preview. All this for brands to get articles and pictures on the blogs of these influential bloggers!

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