empty ink cartridges to make money

You have several empty and useless ink cartridges at home, and you want to get rid of them? Thanks to the Internet, what you consider as a waste can, in fact, help to enrich you. Check out our helpful tips if you want to make easy money with your empty ink cartridges.

Everyone has a habit of throwing away what is no longer useful. But some objects considered as garbage are precious. Indeed, many sites are specialized in the purchase of empty cartridges. For example, Cartouche-vide.fr or Eco-collection.

In addition, you should know that the value of an empty cartridge varies depending on its brand. The redemption price can reach 3 euros. However, not all cartridges are accepted. Some websites like Cartouche-vide.fr, for example, only use laser cartridges.

Cartridges are usually sent by post. Depending on the number of copies shipped, you have the opportunity to get reimbursed for transportation costs. Sometimes, the site supports this expense, regardless of the number of copies sent.

Once the company has received your package, it sets up the procedures to pay you. Depending on the case, you can be paid by bank transfer, check or Paypal.

An economic and solidarity approach!
Never forget that the ink cartridge is a product that is not very compatible with the protection of the environment, especially if it is misdirected after use. Indeed, its components are very harmful – and throwing them out with garbage is a big mistake.

When you select a specialized site to send your empty consumables to you, you also contact a recycling actor who will know how to deal with hazardous materials in the best possible way. Since almost everyone has a printer, it is important to stop throwing the refills in the trash.

If you want to make money, you can of course choose websites that offer financial reward. However, know that there are also associations that do this work. They collect the consumables and pay back all the revenues obtained to various and varied works. A gesture of solidarity that will not cost you anything!

How much is an empty printer cartridge worth?
It is not easy to know the value of an empty ink cartridge, because the rates are very variable from one model to another, depending on the brand of the printer, but also the series . To get an accurate answer to this question, you must have in mind the reference of your device and go to a site offering a scale.

Some consumables are worth just 5 cents, while others reach 3 €: if you change cartridges regularly, you can save money by reselling them. An economy that is not negligible, since they are rather expensive to buy.

From one recovery site to another, the terms are not always the same: often, information is specified on the status of accepted products. For example, scratched or damaged cartridges are not necessarily taken back and can not systematically give rise to a financial counterpart.

So, when you return the cartridges, do not forget to pack well, so that the package arrives in perfect condition on the website of the company. Last tip if you want to save more: expect to have several units in stock before making a shipment, you will save time and money.

Now you will not be cluttered with empty cartridges – you know they can be valuable.

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