Earn money with Twitter

Social networks are not only made to have friends, share passions, follow people we love, etc. They can also be used to make money. Find out how to improve your lifestyle with Twitter.

It is possible to take advantage of the popularity of a website as we have already pointed out in our article on the famous Amazon online store. Just use some techniques.
Twitter is a social network with tens of millions of users around the world. This powerful communication tool can help you get regular income.

Have a good Twitter audience
Monetize your tweets on this social network is quite possible. Just have a good reputation on Twitter. The higher your audience, the more likely you are to have money. Some companies or brands may then contact you to promote their products or services.

An affiliate system can also help you make money. You can become a partner of a seller or a brand. Whenever you send him a customer via your Twitter account, you will be paid.

Before you can successfully promote products or services on Twitter, you must create a community. Indeed, a company will be interested in you only if you have a sufficiently large number of followers. Try to establish yourself in a particular universe and start tweeting on the same theme: enrich your messages with images and hashtags, follow other people, etc. Everything must be done to increase your number of fans. As soon as you can count on solid foundations, start contacting various organizations to offer them a partnership.

Sell ​​your Twitter account
It is very difficult to reach the million followers on Twitter. But if this is the case for you, consider reselling your account to a company. Against all odds, this is a common practice: James Cox’s CNNBrk Twitter account has been acquired by CNN.

Once again, to be able to generate money with your Twitter account, it will be necessary to gather a number of followers important enough to arouse the interest of the companies. The more well built your community is, the more likely you are to sell it at a premium price! To gather a maximum of people around your account, it is essential to post unifying tweets, likely to generate a broad commitment.

Work on behalf of a company
Many companies are not present on Twitter. So you can animate a company’s Twitter account to help them make themselves known. To succeed in this mission, it is very important to understand the issues of the structure for which you want to work.

In concrete terms, you will spend several hours each week speaking on behalf of this company on Twitter: you will post messages, like other tweets or you will practice the “Retweet”. To avoid missteps, take the time to learn about the expectations of the company you are working for. Indeed, since you express yourself for it, you must never make mistakes: this mission requires a lot of rigor.

Tips to follow
To make money on Twitter, it is very important to publish interesting content. Because it’s the number of followers that allows you to have a good reputation on this social network. Regularly post quality tweets on your account: the relevance of your messages is a prerequisite for expanding your community.

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