Earn Money Online: Advantages Of A Blog

Earn Money Online- Advantages Of A Blog

Making money online is now a reality. And the best way to achieve this is through a blog. Yes, I know, you’ll be thinking:

-But, there are more than 200 million blogs currently! Why do you think I should open one too?

OK, it’s a reasonable approach, but stay until the end of the post and maybe you’ll think differently. In fact, you are not the only one in the world who thinks that way. For that reason, or for any other, they do not dare to share their ideas, opinions, knowledge and experiences on the web.

The simple fact that there are already millions of blogs, does not mean that you cannot make money online with your own. The world today more than ever needs people with determination, willing to share what they know.

Currently, it is extremely easy to start, get known, connect with people with our own tastes and our own beliefs. With your blog you can influence this group of people with their own unique message. To create your blog first you have to buy websites.

This is one of the wonders of the blogging world. There is no one else with your same experiences, with your knowledge. Nobody else can publish like you.

Each person has a unique personality. And each person can earn money online with a successful blog. You are not the exception.

If after reading this brief introduction, you are still not convinced then I present some of the advantages of creating a blog.

Earn money online and boost my new business

When you create a new business or a small business, nobody knows it. Imagine moving to a new city. Nobody knows what you can offer. You have to start from scratch, know places, people, establish alliances.

Something similar happens when you create a new business. You enter an unknown world with the sole purpose of making yourself known and being the protagonist. This is the day to day of every entrepreneur who has just started.

Creating a blog is an excellent opportunity to boost your new business. To receive first you have to give. It is a universal law, no matter in what region of the planet you live. Sharing quality content, relevant to your niche market, is a way to reach more people and build a relationship of trust.

Get more customers

Maybe you already have your business running, and you are looking for your first customers. Well, one of the factors that most influence when making money online or out of this is trust. If the people in your sector or your market niche trust you and your value proposition, the next step will be to buy your products or services.

As I mentioned above, one of the most feasible ways to build trust is to share valuable content with your audience. Investigate what problems they have, what they need to achieve their goal, and create content on a blog that helps them solve those problems.

Let’s see an example. Imagine that you have completed a coaching program on treatments and advanced techniques on fairness. With what you have learned you are able to teach step by step how to transform the health, energy and physical well-being of each of your clients through a good diet, practical exercises and motivation.

Do you think that in the first visit they make to your website they will buy you? Of course not! They do not know you, they still do not trust you. But if instead, you share content with high added value in your blog, in which you offer solutions to their problems step by step, the story would be different.

They will begin to put your tips into practice, obtaining results. They would consume your free content and be able to offer you your info product or your coaching service. Do you think they would buy you? Obviously yes.

Get a better job

If you want a better job, with better benefits and be better paid: Start your blog today.

Every day more companies look for information on the Internet of their candidates. The person in charge of human resources of your possible employer has in your hands your Curriculum Vitae. Go to Google and type your name.

Do not find your Facebook profile with the photos of a pool over the weekend (as it happens in most cases), but find a link to your blog.

When entering, take a look at the articles you have shared, related of course with the theme of your future employment. Observe the comments of your readers, congratulating you on the quality of your content. From the blog you go to social media profiles and realize that you have thousands, or hundreds of thousands of followers. Keep reading on your blog, and why not, until you end up subscribing to your contact list.

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