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5 Keys To A Successful Business On The Internet

Key 1.- Choose the channels or tools well to let you know
A common mistake of many businesses is to think that the more channels it collects, the more visibility it will have on the Internet, but this is an error that over time could endanger the company’s online reputation when we leave one or more of these channels.

Creating your website is the first step, but what should a website have?

Key 2.- Betting on a Value Content Strategy
On the Internet, companies have deployed millions and millions of web pages, creating a virtual universe so large that it would be equivalent to a whole star system or a galaxy, but how to stand out if we are a needle within that Galaxy of Websites and Blogs?

One aspect that makes you stand out and excel is to build a good Content Strategy, but sometimes we think that this is something very complex for a business that does not have to have marketing knowledge, but it is not, I’ll give you some keys very simple so you can make an “Amazing Content Strategy”.

Key 3.- How to choose the topics I want to write about
There are many ways to find topics to write on our Blog:
Attending to what the users are looking for. This is the most effective way to attract traffic from the main search engines, and for which we will need to do a study of keywords, so that in this way we can detect which are the keywords related to my business that are more demanding users in the seeker.

Analyzing contents by themes. It is very easy to use the method with the tools that I am going to recommend you next, we decide the term and we click on search, it is that easy and simple;

Key 4.- You need to create a social strategy
The most common mistake of companies when they start their journey in social networks is to think that work in Social Networks is reduced to create several social profiles and publish content from time to time in them, but this is not so because social networks are a powerful tool. If we know how to use it, we can get:

Key 5. Diversify your traffic capture strategy
Do not make the mistake of focusing all your efforts on getting traffic from a single channel, I recommend you to diversify the channels, this way if in the future one of the channels loses traffic volume, this descent can easily be counteracted with the increase of another channel.

Main web traffic capture channels:
• Google search engine. Traffic we receive through organic searches carried out by users in major search engines such as Google.
• Direct traffic. Faithful readers of our page who usually write the URL directly in the Internet browser.
• Referred Traffic. Traffic from another web page that mentions or links to us. Social Traffic from Social Networks.
Traffic that arrives to our page through the sending of an email to our subscribers.

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